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Regenerative Agriculture:
The New Climate Solution

Regenerative Agriculture  promises a transformative, sustainable and equitable strategy for reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. 

By adopting regenerative practices worldwide, we could sequester up to 5.5 GT of CO2 annually, around 10% global emissions, while enriching soil health naturally and making it more resilient to climate change. It could benefit everyone involved — from farmers and growers to local communities, actors in the agrifood chain and ecosystems alike.

At Seqana, our satellite-based innovations offer landowners, project developers, and businesses the tools needed to track their positive impact on carbon sequestration faster, cheaper and more credibly.

Then observed from above

We enable Regenerative Agriculture with our SOC modelling

Measuring and reporting Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) change is a critical part of regenerative agriculture projects, and often the most costly.

Leveraging satellite imagery and Seqana's proprietary database of historical soil samples, we have developed a cutting-edge modelling technology that makes it much easier to measure SOC. While we are still on the way to a fully remote MRV system, we have already reached some significant milestones, including

SOC analytics that cost 10 times less and are 60 times faster than current alternatives

Cost-efficient soil sampling design reducing the cost of sampling up to 50%

Enabling more projects

Carbon credits enable climate action at scale

Seqana is building the tools that you need to quantify and value your impact. We are working with all well-known standards to adapt methodologies, allowing for these cutting-edge technologies to play a more critical role in the years to come. If you are interested in actively taking part in shaping the future of regenerative agriculture, let's get in touch!

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More data means better predictions

Seqana's models are built with artificial intelligence, trained with data from our exclusive soil samples database, calibrated with in-field measurements and validated on full data sets.

The result is a suite of robust algorithms designed to provide accurate results, allowing for more credible reporting of carbon insets and offsets, and enabling carbon credits to enter the market at a faster pace.

Do you have access to soil carbon samples or are you interested in conducting sampling in your region? Reach out to us!

Seqana is an EU-funded, earth observation and ML enabled, SaaS company that is developing credible and cost-efficient soil carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) tools for regenerative agriculture. We enable change-makers to combat the effects of climate change by introducing transparent, replicable, and scalable MRV into this nascent market.
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