Seqana's soil Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MRV) system

10 x Cheaper
60x Faster
Highly accurate

Seqana's Solutions

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Project Scouting

Analyse your region of interest to identify the most degraded land and areas with the highest carbon sequestration potential.

Quality assurance

We harmonize your data, and review for standard compliance/acceptance. Compare with expected SOC sequestration from our custom calibrated model


We provide a Targeted, Precise and Cost-effective approach to soil sampling planning, compatible with Verra's newest VM0042 guidelines.

Fewer samples needed
In savings

Our strategic digital sampling method results in

  • 10 X cheaper
  • More accurate SOC assessment
  • Better-informed decisions

Reach your sustainability goals through fully automated, satellite-powered carbon monitoring for soil

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Projects in 10 countries

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Testimonials of our partners

"A sympathetic team of honest, straightforward, transparent and professional people with the right mindset with a view of the industry and a code of conduct that appealed to me"

Marc Eberle
Smart Agro Sustainable Innovations

"The Seqana team seems to have the combination of expertise, honesty and passion for building an impact startup in a highly innovative environment"

Caio Bacci
Manager of Digital Innovation, KWS

"l can highly recommend Seqana as business partner. The company stands out for a team with highly competent people, fast reactivity, full transparency and is the benchmark for soil carbon issues"

Johann Thaler
Founder & Director, mkaarbon safari GmbH

The next steps for collaborating


Free demo

Talk to our team to better understand what we can offer to support your soil carbon projects and discuss the scope of the collaboration


Data Review

We conduct a QA/QC test to understand where the client stands in terms of data viability under numerous standards including VM0042 and FLAG


Scope & Sign Pilot Contract

Involves a few meetings to better understand SOC ambitions and roadmap to 2030 goals


Co-Develop MRV Solution

Seqana and the client codevelop MRV utilising soil samples, models, and Artificial Intelligence

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Seqana is an EU funded, earth observation and ML enabled, SaaS company that is streamlining the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of regenerative agriculture. We enable change-makers to combat the effects of climate change by introducing transparent, replicable, and scalable MRV into this nascent market.
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