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Specs & Tech in NCS

Traditionally, creating baseline scenarios and monitoring carbon storage within the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) process has been a long, tedious and costly undertaking, using up to ⅓ of project funds. Could it be better?

Socioeconomics of Soil Carbon Sequestration

This blog post will highlight the hurdles & importance of the socio-economic benefits of carbon sequestration, in addition to Seqana’s contribution of carbon sequestered in the soil.

The Many Faces of NCS

Aside from climate change mitigation through carbon removal and storage, what other benefits can we expect from NCS?
Carbon Farming
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The Do's and Don'ts of the Carbon Market

In the following blog post, we will mention a few don’ts with respect to carbon markets and carbon removal (and throw a few do’s into the mix).
Carbon Farming
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What's happening in the world of carbon?

The exploding interest in the carbon market shows that it isn’t a purely environmentalist demand any longer, but is evolving into a very lucrative business model. Are there enough carbon credits to go around?
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Seqana Data Transfer App

At Seqana, we empower climate positive land use managers to conduct analyses of soil organic carbon (SOC) with ease and efficiency. We introduce and share the development story of one of our useful internal tools.
Seqana is an EU-funded, earth observation and ML enabled, SaaS company that is developing credible and cost-efficient soil carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) tools for regenerative agriculture. We enable change-makers to combat the effects of climate change by introducing transparent, replicable, and scalable MRV into this nascent market.
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