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Published on
February 28, 2024
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SmartAgro is a unique company that works with a worldwide network of agronomists and scientists to develop solutions that help agricultural producers maximize opportunities and reduce production costs & risks while increasing the sustainability of their operations.

Seqana helps SmartAgro to identify Cambodia’s agriculture sector, which has been depleting natural capital and is on an unsustainable trajectory. Approximately 41% of their cultivated soils are medium to degraded severely. Giving them a detailed analysis of soil degradation in their Golden Soil pilot project that helps farmers to implement agroecological practices and incentivize their efforts through carbon credits that would be generated.

SmartAgro and CIRAD & Swisscontact, as project developers, are developing an aggregator app to help engage farmers with onboarding &  accelerate the adoption of regenerative practices with a transparent reward- and inexpensive MRV system. In addition to degradation analysis,

Seqana provides soil sampling and stratification services. Seqana has also been selected to offer remote sensing monitoring and MRV services.

Seqana is an EU-funded, earth observation and ML enabled, SaaS company that is developing credible and cost-efficient soil carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) tools for regenerative agriculture. We enable change-makers to combat the effects of climate change by introducing transparent, replicable, and scalable MRV into this nascent market.
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